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  • Judy Schulten

18. Collect jokes, ads, and sayings.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I collect jokes and sayings that help me remember not only words but also grammar. A former teacher would say, “¡No me digas!” when she heard anything interesting, and I think of her when I need the negative command form of “tu.” I puzzled over the sign “Se habla español,” before I learned it’s the way you make the passive voice. “Que sera, sera” taught me future tense.

It’s fun to know sayings. “Asi es la vida,” “Otro gallo canta.” Here are two about the importance of money: “Dolores con pan son menos,” and “Poderoso caballero es Don Dinero.” (With money, troubles are less. A powerful gentleman is Mr. Money.)

Meet my friend Larry.

He collects slang expressions. His goal is to be able to hold his own in the traditional insult

exchanges of Mexican men. He was thrilled to tell me about a new snappy reply he’d

learned for “¿Cómo estas?” Even after he’d explained why it was so good, I didn’t get

it….but it works for Larry.

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