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About Judy

Some forty years ago, I took my first Spanish class—on a whim. I have been speaking Spanish badly (but effectively) ever since. In 2013, I created a little book of my advice and experiences to share with friends. After a while, it seemed like an online version might be better, and my daughter Sara made it happen for me.

In this blog, I offer ways to dare to use Spanish, even quite elementary Spanish, as often as you can. The willingness to "get out there with your bad Spanish," along with goodwill and a friendly smile, will open doors in today's global world. 

My philosophy applies not just to learning Spanish but also to other pursuits, such as having fun with my bad drawings. In particular, though, it applies to any language and any learner of high school age and older. I have taught English to adults from many other countries. The key rules are: learn more vocabulary than grammar; seek opportunities to practice; and converse regularly with a partner;. The 50+ ideas in this blog for using Spanish come from my own experience. They are easy, mostly free, widely available, and fun.



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